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The Philippine Government is considerably sensitive to social problems and to the helping of the neediest people and it is active with different programs, projects and initiatives aimed at improving their life conditions. Unfortunately, with a population of more than one hundred million inhabitants, it is difficult to contrast totally this problem and, precisely for that reason, many local and international associations and foundations operate in the Philippines with projects and humanitarian helps. If people want to sustain those association and foundation that operate in the Philippines, our suggestion is to turn exclusively into accredited NGO in a way to be sure that the donations will be used in the sustaining of the neediest.

The Madame Consul Anna Margherita Maffeis-Natale is active in first person since more years, through her non-profit association, with different humanitarian projects in support of the neediest Filipinos. Currently, the Consul is engaged with the help of various local partners, inside the Feeding Programs that donate dealy meals to the poorest of the Bulacan region, the help to an orphanage and in an educational project, which sees the donation of computer LABDOO, containing ad educational software, to the Central Elementary School of Paombong. Moreover, it is in launch phase a new non-profit association with headquarter in the Philippines that will have as a purpose the improving of the presence on the local territory and of the beneficial flux from Ticino.